Cleaning and washing

Cleaning and washing

When do parts need to be cleaned?

When parts leave your production are they sometimes soiled with grease or oil? Or do metal shaving residues or dust remain after processing? The Rudolph Logistics Group can remove such foreign matter before subsequent processing steps such as welding or assembly.

We can also integrate cleaning steps efficiently into your existing value chain. That means complete logistics support for you from a single source. We can take care of:

    • Visual inspection, refinishing and sorting of your metal or plastic parts
    • Storage, order picking, packaging

    Your benefits with deoiling and degreasing performed by the Rudolph Logistics Group:

      1. You save the investment costs which would be necessary for your own washing equipment.
      2. Your employees can be productively engaged taking care of other responsibilities.
      3. We are an expert partner with decades of experience in the cleaning of parts and in dealing with washing substances (disposal).

      Processed metallic workpieces can have the following residual foreign matter:

      • Deep-drawing greases / oils
      • Release agents
      • Anti-corrosion agents
      • Drilling and finishing oils
      • Fingerprints
      • Dust
      • Metal shavings
      The latest technology of our industrial washing plant provides excellent results even for demanding surfaces

      In the horizontal pass-through spray unit the following materials can be washed:

      • Steel – including galvanized or stainless steel parts
      • Pressure die-casting
      • Aluminum  
      • Plastics such as small load carriers, plastic pallets, plastic bins or CFRP components