Production supply

Guaranteed production supply

In today's logistics systems, many partners work together to ensure smooth execution of production processes. This interaction depends on sound process knowledge, suitable technologies, well-functioning interfaces and, very importantly, a shared passion for top quality. The result: The production supply chain is secure, flexible and transparent.
Rudolph Logistics Group ensures that production lines are supplied efficiently and with high quality.

Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers need logistical solutions that take all of the special requirements of their industry into account. Our decades of experience in automobile production logistics make a difference here.  We believe that every customer deserves customized logistic services. That's why we analyze your specific needs, plan the individual processes to fit the situation, and then implement your solution.

Services that we can provide for you:

  • Order picking
  • Preparation of part bins or sets, sequencing or portioning racks

    For optimized provision of materials at the assembly line, we prepare individually picked part bins with sequenced components for the production process.  We sequence part families in the correct manufacturing order and transport them in sequencing racks to the individual assembly points. Portioning racks are used when there is a shortage of space available at the assembly location.

    The assembly worker receives all the necessary parts ready to use at the right time.
  • KANBAN / Supermarket
    For logistic systems closely integrated with production processes, we manage supermarkets that store all parts necessary for preparing part bins and sequencing processes. Replenishment processes are managed through KANBAN systems or other retrieval systems.
  • Line feeding: Just-in-Time or Just-in-Sequence directly at assembly locations
  • Empties management

The benefits are obvious:

    • Higher productivity
    • Faster process times
    • Lower stock inventories

    Can we offer you something more?

    Then link your production supply logistics with other production-related tasks. This can provide substantial benefits along with our comprehensive range of other value-added services.

    We would be pleased to advise you on a range of services to bring your production logistics to the next level.

    Production-related tasks