Plant logistics

Plant logistics: Linking material flows and production processes

The intelligent interlinking of material flows and production processes – a key challenge for your plant logistics. And one that is becoming ever more complex with shifting production amounts, minimized inventory and build-to-order concepts.

Make use of the special expertise of the Rudolph Logistics Group to handle these requirements. In setting up your supply chain, you can take advantage of our complete plant logistics service package. Or you can begin with a single process step.

The service package looks like this:

  • Incoming goods logistics

    We manage incoming goods logistics for raw materials, purchased parts, semi-finished goods and manufactured items.

  • Consolidation

    All items that are required for production should reach you in a coordinated and concentrated manner. We consolidate the incoming goods from diverse suppliers in logistic centers or consignment warehouses (supplier logistic centers).

    Upstream to your production facilities, these services guarantee quick transport times to the factory gates or directly to the assembly line.  This makes it possible to bring all the necessary materials to your production making use of short and secure links.

  • Warehouse management

    We manage internal storage directly in the production facilities or on the manufacturing premises. Your consolidation warehouse can be directly linked with the processes of production supply.

  • Shuttle transports

    We conduct shuttle transports from external warehouses to production facilities as well as handling internal factory transports.

Customized services

For each logistic project that you bring to us, you can be sure that you'll be receiving a tailored solution designed explicitly to fit your needs. Rudolph solutions are based on the foundation of our wide-ranging experience in the analysis and planning of state-of-the-art supply chains. Experience that lets us know: Every company is unique.

Contact us and we can check together how your plant logistics can be enhanced to optimum effect.