The management of Rudolph Logistics Group

Rudolph Logistics Management

Since its founding in 1946, the Rudolph Logistics Group has been an owner-run company. Today in the fourth generation of family management, Dr. Torsten Rudolph leads the company as CEO. He is the great grandson of the company founder Justus Rudolph.
Peter Weide, COO, supports him in directing the company. He is responsible for operational management. As CFO and CHRO, Edzard Oltmanns is responsible for finance and human resources.

Our part in a larger story

As an owner-run company, we have a sense of responsibility to the generations that came before us and developed the company into the successful entity it is today. And we live and work with a responsibility towards a coming generation, which will direct the company someday and lead it into the future.
This sense of connection to the past and the future shapes our strategy and our relationship to our customers and our employees.

We stand for:

  • Long-term, organic growth
  • Customer focus
  • Trust and dependability in all our activities
  • Sustainable business practices

Get to know our management team:

Dr. Torsten Rudolph

Peter Weide

Edzard Oltmanns